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Property start-up BRIKCOIN partners with award-winning Architects, Guy Taylor Associates  on 100% social housing development in the UK.

The partners have already started working on BRIKCOIN’s developments. Tabling and having in-depth design discussions on four affordable housing schemes in Greater Manchester, Newark, Wokingham and North London, the team is in negotiations to onboard a live project soon.

BRIKCOIN is currently conducting a token sale enabling the community to be part of tomorrow’s affordable housing. The funds will be invested in social housing and key workers  developments, which are urgently needed in the UK.

James Hare, BRIKCOIN CEO, said: “In partnering with Guy Taylor Associates, we draw from their wealth of experience and reputation as architects and planning experts. They approach each project in a new and fresh way, always striving for the best solution for BRIKCOIN.”

Guy Taylor Associates, experience and excellence

Founded in 1969, Guy Taylor Associates is an award winning, innovative and forward-thinking design studio, with several offices in the UK.

Through the years, the company has brought together a team of talents including Architects, Architectural Technologists, Restoration & Conservation experts and Landscape Architects. They have built an exceptional body of knowledge and expertise that embraces every aspect of a building design, construction, performance and preservation.

With vast experience and highly skilled passionate designers, the company is now taking a step further by partnering with a disruptive start-up, BRIKCOIN.

Keith Rodgers, Guy Taylor Associates Managing Director, commented: “Guy Taylor Associates are justly proud of our partnership with BRIKCOIN delivering exciting, unique and innovative solutions to affordable housing.”

Solving a national crisis, Brik by Brik

BRIKCOIN has developed a unique financial model to answer the huge deficit in the affordable housing availability in the UK while solving the lack of liquidity for investments into private developments.

According to research undertaken by housing charity – Shelter*, 3 million new affordable homes need to be built in the UK by 2040. Currently, just 6,000 homes are being built every year. Deploying blockchain technology, BRIKCOIN aims to build, acquire or redevelop property in order to create 100% affordable housing properties.

Through market analysis and extensive research, James Hare, BRIKCOIN CEO, is convinced that blockchain technology is currently the only way to solve the UK’s affordable housing crisis while involving the community and secure investors benefits and liquidation. He stated: “Of all the benefits of blockchain, liquidity is the kicker for BRIKCOIN. Property investment is an inherently illiquid asset class. BRIKCOIN’s model allows investors to liquidate their investments on global cryptocurrency exchanges, 24/7.”

BRIKCOIN’s unique model is, according to James Hare, why BRIKCOIN will succeed in providing affordable housing while keeping the community and investors involved in the long run.

Keith Rodgers, Guy Taylor Associates Managing Director, commented: “We believe our partnership of award-winning Architects and the innovative delivery models of BRIKCOIN will deliver cutting edge affordable housing for many years to come.”

BRIKCOIN is currently conducting its token sale for BRIK, the token powering the BRIKCOIN fund and platform. The start-up has issued 1 billion BRIK at a rate of £0.01.

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