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Leveraging Internet of Things in Property Management



AUGUST, 2018

BRIKCOIN is partnering with Synergia to integrate their Internet of Everything (IofE) ecosystem into the properties developed by the team and by property developers that will be part of the BRIKCOIN and YongBang ecosystem.

The system is designed to orchestrate data gleamed from a wide variety of connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices that will be installed in the properties developed as part of the BRIKCOIN ecosystem. The software will have access to every piece of data coming from these devices, close circuit television cameras and other sensors and will process these massive amounts of data into useful and actionable analysis.

This data is stored on a blockchain and analysed using the company’s rich data model and web services and API libraries will allow access to authorised external systems from third parties.

This system will

  • Increase security in the properties by monitoring and analysing real-time data fed through CCTV systems and other sensors.
  • Create models for forecasting and analysing energy usage across properties which can be used to set levies for tenants that more accurately reflect the costs.
  • Provide a dashboard for property managers that will provide a view of the most relevant data that can be used to assess the situation in real time and support key decisions.
  • Provide API libraries that can be leveraged to provide data to 3rd parties to create economic value for the data collected from the IoT sensors.
  • Create smart applications for tenants of the properties and for the management team. For example, tenants can use their mobile devices to monitor their energy uses, manage parking spaces while the management team can use an app to report performance or manage facilities on the properties.

This system will be implemented in all the properties under the BRIKCOIN umbrella and they will all talk to each other to create smart plans automatically to manage security measures, energy usage and other aspects of the day to day management of each property.

BRIKCOIN is in the process of building the platform and the exchange will be launched in early 2019 and integrated into the larger Shellpay exchange. Development of properties linked to the ecosystem will start in mid-2019.

Contribute to the ICO at the earliest possible date to make sure you are part of the ecosystem of this revolutionary step in property investment.


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