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We recently featured in Blockchain magazine, the industry’s leading publication dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. BRIKCOIN was described as “a novel financial model to answer the massive shortage in affordable housing availability while resolving the lack of liquidity for loans into private developments”.


The article also featured an interview with BRIKCOIN CEO, James Hare, who helped to shine a light on not only the key benefits of the business model but also the principles that drive the team at BRIKCOIN to succeed in this unprecedented enterprise.


James said:


“Property investment is an inherently illiquid asset class. BRIKCOIN’s model allows investors to liquidate their investments on global cryptocurrency exchanges 24/7”


He continued:


“I was already working on a conventional affordable housing solution, an issue close to my heart. An, at that time, I was also beginning to learn more about cryptocurrencies and the benefits of blockchain technology. I then thought, what if we could create a truly cross border effect, to combine blockchain technology with a centuries-old understanding; land and property. The outcome is BRIKCOIN.”


The Blockchain Magazine piece also serves to highlight that token holders from all over the world are able to invest in real estate built on British soil thanks to BRIKCOIN. Once invested, key performance indicators can be tracked through an analytics dashboard, endowed with state-of-the-art real estate asset management systems.


As the article articulately states:


The ROI comes in the form of profit share from property sale and rent payments. BRIKCOIN is a win for local authorities, it’s a win for investors, and it’s a win for those in the necessity of affordable housing.


While cryptocurrencies have garnered something of an objectionable reputation, the idea of BRIKCOIN explains that by prising power out of the control of regulators, blockchain can be used more prominently.


Final call to investors

BRIKCOIN’s global community has now passed 20,000 people ahead of trading on 29th February. That means that there are just a few days left to join us at our low pre-trading price of £0.10 per BRIK. Plus, investors who buy more than £500 now will access a 100% bonus ahead of the value spike anticipated on 1st March.


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