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While the pandemic lingers on, and unfortunately seems to be gaining ground in some parts of the world, life and business in the UK is beginning to adapt to the new normal and get back to work.

And that means there’s a new emphasis on building for a better future.


During the lockdown we have pressed forward with our plans to deliver the Brikcoin model and a number of projects are now at an advanced stage of planning. 


And that brings us to our new social housing development brand - brik. 


As we roll out our development programme we wanted to create a vibrant new presence in the UK housing scene. One which immediately communicates its vitality and originality in a social and key worker housing market which is in need of new ideas. A housing developer with the twin societal values of diversity and sustainability written into its DNA: brik.


Today we’re starting off small by showing you the logo. It’s a logo you’re going to see a lot of as we present to you, the Brikcoin community, the progress we’re making. A logo with which we intend to build something big and the bigger we build the better it’s going to get on the value of your investment in Brikcoin!


We’re working at pace now and over the next few weeks we’ll be proud to share our progress with you.

Stay safe and let’s get building the value of Brik together!


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