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At time of writing, Britain is facing a number of serious crises. These include the lack of affordable housing, urban crime epidemics – and an ongoing leadership contest within the ruling Conservative party.

Needless to say, the major obstacle to greater peace and prosperity remains the ‘B-word’ – the unresolved exit from the European Union.

Even if someone manages to carry out Brexit effectively, Britain will have to return to the other challenges, including bringing development to areas that have been neglected. Disappointed voters in many such areas are one reason that the exit was opted for in the first place. As citizens of a great and still united nation, it is crucial to face these challenges with coordination and a positive mindset.

BRIKCOIN is a company founded to address the housing issue, but the framing of our project confronts a question of deep relevance to Brexit: How to help Britain thrive in the wake of a big upset? How to get investment flowing, make ideas into reality and put new roofs over heads where they’re needed?

Making this happen will take time and effort. BRIKCOIN is a start, and one that can bring real dividends.

We should say it off the bat: blockchain is not a solution for every problem. Over the past three years, in the wake of massive interest and investment, the hype grew to a frenzy. Many businesses needlessly boasted of plans to use it, attaching blockchain to everything from dating websites to ethical clothes shopping. The other danger, that of scams, has been a concern in Britain, with the Guardian reporting recently that millions of pounds have been misappropriated, often by fallacious websites offering high returns to victims.

Even Elon Musk, selling a novelty flamethrower to raise capital for Tesla, mocked the buzz by saying the gadget came “with its own blockchain”. The satire, criticism and negative coverage were not out of place: Blockchain is young, complex, and certainly not a ‘cure-all solution’. It will take time and more solid projects to build public trust.

BRIKCOIN is led by established and publicly known professionals, applies KYC to each BRIK investor – and will remain open and available for communication about the enterprise going forward. Please see our FAQ here for a breakdown of the most common enquiries.

Despite the above setbacks, the numbers and the assessment from numerous trustworthy voices do confirm: Blockchain is also a digital breakthrough, and its application in transfers of value is undeniable.

How is this of relevance to our Brexit conundrum?

Take the digital currencies powered by cryptography that blockchain has enabled. Of all the problems of E.U. membership that ‘Euro-skeptic’ politicians agreed upon, the matter of regulation and taxation was key. While the regulatory landscape around cryptocurrencies will keep evolving, the aim from the very beginning of Bitcoin was to bypass centralized authorities – the bodies that could not prevent the corruption that led to the 2007 world financial crisis.

BRIKCOIN’s use of an Ethereum-backed token is a classic ‘tokenization’ of a real asset, using digital smart contracts to allow investors big and small to take part. This places a great potential value in their hands, working around excessive interference from middlemen – and also involves high responsibility, with the need to keep passwords and tokens safe being paramount. To ensure our community is informed about these practicalities, we shall in future publish a set of set-by-step guides to support secure engagement with our platform.

A post-Brexit U.K. will need skills as well as investment to start building. BRIKCOIN founder James Hare has extensive experience in development, with large-scale projects throughout the private and public sectors in the UK, Europe and MENA – including Dubai – with an overall value of a billion dollars. James’ knowledge and network is set to be put to use in a Britain that needs homes, for younger couples, key workers and groups with unstable incomes.

Lastly, BRIKCOIN’s deployment of crypto in property isn’t happening in a void. Careful attention shows us that real estate is a ‘real-world’ application that is marching onwards steadily. Large amounts of money have flowed into projects with high-end, multi-million dollar property portfolios, in countries like Canada and the USA (see this article). By contrast, BRIKCOIN’s aim is to start building and renovating in a more accessible sector – affordable homes with controlled rents, to improve Britain’s towns and cities for everyone.

Brexit presents a wide range of problems: let’s use ingenuity and independence to start to create solutions to them.

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