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What is the problem BRIKCOIN aims to solve?

BRIKCOIN is solving 2 problems- the huge deficit in the affordable housing availability in the UK and lack of liquidity for investments into private developments.

According to research done by housing charity, Shelter, 3 million new affordable homes need to be built in the UK by 2040. Currently, just 6,000 homes are being built every year. This has left a huge deficit in the affordable housing options with 1.8 million on local council waiting lists for housing.

BRIKCOIN is a private developer that will build 100% affordable housing and leverage cryptocurrency to offer the community the chance to be part of the solution. Currently, investors in private development companies and funds cannot liquidate their investment quickly. When faced with mass liquidation of investor stakes, the companies have to, in turn, liquidate their property assets at below market rates to return funds.

How will BRIKCOIN be the solution to these problems?

The real strength of BRIKCOIN is in its revolutionary financing model to build affordable housing.

BRIKCOIN will build, acquire or redevelop property to create 100% affordable housing properties. They will then hand over the property on a 50-year lease to the local council with an agreement in place that ensures that the rents will remain below pre-defined affordable rents.

The 50-year income strip of rent payments will then be sold to pension funds which invest in stable, long term income generating instruments. Since these payments will be made by the local council, it will be backed by the rock solid guarantee of the central UK government, making them very attractive income generating instruments for the pension funds.

The profits from these sales will feed directly into the growth of the BRIKCOIN company and token. BRIKCOIN will retain ownership of the building which is can sell or redevelop at the end of the 50-year lease. Profits from the sale of the 50-year rent script will go directly into the next development.

BRIKCOIN also has additional revenue streams for development fees while the building is being built, from management fees if the council chooses to retain BRIKCOIN to manage the apartment through the lease period and from sale or redevelopment of the property after the 50-year lease period.

The BRIKCOIN tokens will be ethereum based tokens that will be available for trading on global cryptocurrency exchanges with high volumes. This will ensure that investors have liquidity all around the clock.

What is the BRIKCOIN token?

The BRIKCOIN token is an ERC-20 token built on the ethereum blockchain standard. There will be 1 billion tokens premined and the supply will remain static.

60% of these tokens will be sold initially with 10% in private sale and 50% in presale and the token sale available to the general public. In total, the 50% of tokens available to the public will be sold for £5 million to create a total market cap of £10 million for the company at token sale prices.

Where is BRIKCOIN registered?

BRIKCOIN is registered as a private company in the UK at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK.

How can I buy BRIKCOIN tokens?

You can now register at to buy tokens.

Presale will run from 5 May to 19 May with prices set at £0.009 per token and the token sale will run from 20 May to 30 June with prices set at £0.01 per token.

There is also a 10% bonus available for referrals for both the referred and the referee.

There is a total of 100 million tokens available for the presale and 400 million for the token sale.

Any tokens left over from the presale will be sold at token sale prices.

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