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An asset-based crypto token for sustainable Real Estate and Energy!

Make your environmentally impactful investment in brikCOIN today!

Powering Sustainable Real Estate and Energy with brikCOIN

brikCOIN, the #1 sustainable real estate and energy backed token, directly impacts positive change in the global environment. All projects associated with brikCOIN will be powered by sustainable energy solutions with the energy purchase agreements stored on the blockchain.

With the cost of energy always increasing, being part of the utility providing power to all projects makes for a solid investment opportunity. Working with commercial real estate developers and financial institutions, building some of the most exciting and sustainable projects around the world, brikCOIN is tokenizing each energy production agreement, that last a minimum of 25 years, while generating substantial recurring revenue.

Tokens from this Private Sale will have Preferred status and receive an annual Preferred return. With hundreds of millions in new contracts for the development of sustainable real estate and energy projects, brikCOIN is a great long term investment, especially while in its infancy.

An investment in brikCOIN is an investment in improving the environment!

Previously issued tokens will also be used as a utility token for managing power, financing, and purchasing future ongoing development projects.

By partnering with Ethereum, it makes utilizing brikCOIN seamless, using well-established and trusted wallets, exchanges, and widely available tools for success.

Please visit our projects, partners, and tokenomics on Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have on the future of brikCOIN.

Selling 20 million Coins Only!

Private Token Sale
from January 19th to April 18th

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About Buying brikCOIN

  • The coin price is £0.05
  • 5% annual return on new coins
  • New coins have Preferred status
  • Early access to new offerings, company
    news, and platform
  • Pay with Crypto
  • We are only selling 20 million coins!

brikCOIN tokens will be used for the following purposes:

  • Equity investments in to new sustainable real estate and energy projects
  • Pre-construction residential sales by consumers
  • A digital currency for discounted utility payments by project based property owners
  • A digital currency for discounted payments at project retail locations
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