Tokenomics - brikCoin Brik Coin

Energy Purchase Agreements

brikCOIN, Ltd portfolio holdings is made up of diversified annual quarterly and monthly recurring revenue energy purchase agreements (EPA). These EPA’s are enforced using the blockchain. The underlying sources creating the energy production are carbon neutral clean energy microgrids or net metering utility grade systems. These systems may include the combination of solar, wind, combined heat & power systems, energy servers and battery storage. The typical EPA will generate recurring revenues for a minimum of 25 years with automatic 25-year renewals.


brikCOIN is currently trading on LAToken. brikCOIN, Ltd is actively buying back available brikCOIN. brikCOIN, Ltd’s buyback strategy is to use recurring revenues from Energy Purchase Agreements and reduce the amount of coins in circulation to drive sustainable value for brikCOIN.

Consumer Payments

As a Digital Currency, brikCOIN will be used to pay for energy consumption by our commercial and residential customers of the brikCOIN, Ltd portfolio of EPA holdings. Commercial or Residential customers that choose to pay their energy bills using brikCOIN, instead of traditional forms of payment, will receive discounted rates.